Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm impressed!

So, a precursor to this post.  I am a computer nerd. While I did spend summers camping/working outdoors, the majority of my spare time is spent in front of the computer. Some people are flabbergasted by new technology. When I see new technology, I get excited, but I think "About time..." not "wow! its magic!"

So Last fall, I actually planted a few things: Garlic, Some Tulips, and some other random bulbs that were on sale.

This spring, they all grew up into flowers. *shock*

I find this astonishing. What looks like Plant poop, that has been sitting around home depot for god knows how long, is buried into the ground, Frozen for 4 months, and then grows and flowers just weeks after the ground thaws.

Some people think technology is amazing. It is. But so is nature!

Next year I'm going to try and make a "butterfly garden". Megan loves butterflies, so we'll see what sort of cool/beautiful bugs we can attract!

Update:  My Garlic looks like its doing really well (all 3 of them that weren't dug up by the rabbits/squirrels that is)

Some photos from a week or two ago:

Regarding my vegetable garden:

My Radishes are growing, lets hope they don't crack open this time. I've also planted 2 Pumpkin plants, and 3 pea plants to climb the fence - I haven't seen them yet - Not very hopeful, sadly. :-(

However... I'm starting to think it is no fault of my own...
I now know why some of my plants aren't growing.


they are super cute (and theres more than one) but they're eating my radishes, and pruning some of my flowers!

They aren't very good at being covert...

So for next year, if I want to plant any rabbit food, I'll have to get some wire up around the garden. Pesky wabbits!

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