Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I feel like all I've really talked about is how a house is a great investment (usually) and the financial side of things.  But really, a house is so much MORE than a house. Its a HOME.

When I moved out from my parents.... "Home" was always wherever my parents were. Home cooked Meals, Family, Friends and Shenanigans.

Even when Megan and I moved in together in Burlington... It felt like I didn't quite have "Home". My parents had moved from my childhood home, The apartment wasn't really ours, and we couldn't make it "ours" outside of hanging up paintings and such.  It was a great place, don't get me wrong... but it was our "living quarters" a Place we both went to sleep after work, and occasionally hosted the odd gathering at. I didn't have a huge amount of pride in the place - I kept it looking nice, but we didn't bother painting and towards the end... And after Buddy (My dog) passed, I feel like we just gave up caring about it.

Its hard to describe...  When we were renting, and we presented with the option of having family over for supper, or GOING to family's house for supper... we almost always preferred to travel, as it felt like we were going "home"

But its changing now.

So buying a house... making it ours, has provided us with a home. A place we want to go back to, to spend our time at. To unwind, put our feet up, and just be away from the world. At the end of a long weekend, I WANT to go home. I long for it. We've become a bit less social as a result, and my friends rarely come over now that its a 45 Minute drive... but overall... it's a relaxing oasis that is OURS, and nobody can change that.

If the fire alarm goes off, Megan is cooking. (Just kidding...)
If The water is being shut off, I actually am in control of it.
If the garbage stinks, its because I forgot to take it out on Sunday.
If its loud,... I'm probably watching a nerdy movie.
No complaints, No snoopy neighbors, and no Site Super to hound to fix stuff - Its all me.

One day our children will run through the halls, scuff up the walls, and call it home as well.

Its our home, and we're living in it, and loving it.
And that, regardless of any "investment" value... is priceless.

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