Sunday, January 6, 2013

Staying on top of your home...

So, after almost 6 months, I've figured out theres 4 ways of maintaining your home.

1: Don't. 
We saw a number of houses that were simply "used up"  everything was worn down, half broken, blast from the pasts and nothing was updated. They're basically houses where you have to re-do everything. If you do this to your house, you're going to take a serious hit on its resale value. Sometimes a coat of paint will dress it up enough to show it, but any "seasoned" buyer will be able to see right through that... to the shag carpeting and the 30+ year old appliances.

2: Pay someone to do it. "Yuppie" style.
This costs the most money, but done right, it looks the best, if you can afford it.
Includes hiring a Landscaping companies, Paying a bit too much for things the average joe could probably do (Paint, Clean clogged drains, Mow Lawns, etc). While you're getting contractors in to do most of your projects/repairs, You'll still need to know at least a little bit to avoid being robbed by those people.

3: Maintain a perfect household. 
This basically means - Keep it spotless, repair and clean every little thing that happens. It'll still "wear out" but a well maintained house that's dated shows a lot better than an abused and used house.

4: DIY Updates + Maintenance.
My selected method. I don't keep a spotless house, But I understand that a clean house is a house that stays nice. Dirt wears stuff out, so when I see something dirty, or slop something on the floor, I clean it right away. I need to keep doing little projects that will keep the house looking nice and new, so that it never "gets away" from me.
All these projects are really cosmetic in nature. For example, A fresh coat of Paint. New light fixture here and there. Replacing grungy switches and worn electrical sockets, Gardening. etc.

Some Jokes I made up over the past few weeks:

Home Ownership Might not be for you if...
  • If you expect to actually park a car in that single car garage... 
  • If your building inspector tells you that your fireplace has a Flu, you ask them how to make it better.
  • If you think your contractor is gay because he keeps looking for a stud.

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